I’m Amira and I love making clothes. Since childhood I have expressed myself and my art with my sewing machine. Every product you see here is unique and handmade by me. While the fabrics I use are new, I enjoy finding ways to incorporate recycled materials like leather, wood, and metal into my work.
As an artist I am always in motion, creativity ebbs and flows. I’m not your typical tailor. I don’t have a fixed style nor do I care to make the same product over and over again. For fun and diversity in artistic expression, I love taking the occasional detour into jewelry or carpentry.
Once a project is finished, the next idea will pop up and I will create something new and fresh. All this takes time, so please bear with me if I haven’t added any new products for a while. Know that they will come 😊. My art is my life and my passion and sometimes creativity just arrives at its own time…